Couple Whose Nanny Allegedly Murdered Their 2 Children Are Now Expecting Again

Kevin and Marina Krim have endured more than any parents should ever have to endure. In October 2012 the couple’s two children, Lulu who was 6 and Leo who was only 20 months old were found deceased in their Upper West Side apartment while Marina was at swimming lessons with their 3 year old, Nessie. The family’s nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder.

In memory of their children the couple launched the Lulu & Leo Fund. According to the mission statement, ‘The Lulu & Leo Fund helps children and families foster creativity and build resilience through programs that provide meaningful engagement with art and other creative endeavors.

It was on the Lulu & Leo Fund Facebook page that Kevin and Marina shared the happy news that they are expecting another baby, a son, in January. The couple also welcomed son Felix in 2013.




In the caption Kevin and Marina share their happy news saying;

‘We also have some wonderful news: Marina is pregnant with a baby boy, due in late January. Nessie is excited about her new role as queen bee of the family and little Felix (who turns 2 this weekend) is thrilled to give up his crib to become roommates with Nessie in a new bunk bed!

With each new baby, we feel a special and closer connection to Lulu and Leo, who are a constant presence in their siblings’ looks, gestures and voices.’

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