Couple Went on the Ultimate Dream Date: Drunk Shopping at Target

If I asked every Target fan out there to please raise their hand, I don’t think there would be one person in the room that would keep their hand down. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who said that they didn’t like Target. It’s almost impossible to not like the store or not call it your second home for that matter. I spend so much time at Target that I’m surprised I’m not picking up my mail at the store, too.

Well now a lot of people are upping their Target game by taking their shopping experience to a whole new level. That’s right: it’s not only a place to shop for groceries, home goods, clothes, toys and electronics anymore. You can also plan your next date night there, just like this couple from Massachusetts did. And the result was nothing less than amazing.

Tony and Alyssa Serafini are two amazing parents that unfortunately don’t get out very often. But when they do, they want to make the most of it. That’s why they had the ultimate Target date night recently. This date looks so much fun that I’m actually a wee bit jealous here.

drunk target date
Credit: Twitter / bottlerocket

Target + Alcohol = A ridiculous amount of fun

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