Couple With Identical Twins Now Pregnant Again And Dad Fainted When He Saw The Ultrasound

What are the odds?

Back before I had kids, when parenthood was still this imaginary place I used to imagine as fun and cool and kind of easy, I used to dream of having twins. I didn’t care if they were boys or girls, I just thought it would be so fun and cool to have twins.

Yes I was young and dumb and naive and wasn’t really thinking of how having two babies meant having to constantly feed two babies or how there would be two babies that would need constant diaper changes or.never sleeping again because two babies would be up all night, I was simply thinking of how cute it would be to dress them the same.

Now that I’m a parent I know that having one child at a time is hard enough (so hard), that anyone who manages to raise multiples (or even just get them to bed on time) without losing their sanity basically deserves all the awards! Then I see parents who have more than one set of multiples and I honestly bow down to them, because that is some serious hard work.

Single parents and parents of multiples are the unsung heroes of parenting.

Nia Tolbert knew something was up when she got pregnant for the third time.  As the mother of three boys, 6-year-old Shai, and 2-year-old twins, Riley and Alexander, she thought she may be having twins again, or a girl, since her pregnancy felt different.

Nothing could prepare her or her husband for what they saw on the ultrasound.

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