25 Matching Couple Tattoos That Will Showcase Your True Love

#7 is soo perfect.

I love tattoos and while I recognize they’re not for every one I think they are something so many people should stop judging. Yes, they stay on you forever. Sure you might regret a design especially if it’s one of your earlier ones. But, they’re pretty and cool and tell a really great story They can symbolize a hard time in your life, could be something that makes you happy, or could be matching couple tattoo that showcases your love for someone.

There is love in the air this month and trying to come up with a great gift idea for your significant other isn’t the easiest thing. There are only so many times you can get fresh flowers, chocolate, or a promise of something more adult. It gets boring and creativity is something that will help keep the relationship alive and healthy.

If you have already got some tattoos or you are seriously thinking about getting one, a couple tattoo is a fun thing to look at doing. Yes, people say to avoid getting your partner’s name tattooed. And I’ll agree — that’s not always the best idea. There are shops dedicated to covering up those kinds of tattoos.

These couple tattoos are different. They’re not just someone’s name, but a design that’s more unique and looks great as a stand alone. But when you’re next to your partner and both tattoos can be seen they are even more cool.

If you are thinking about getting couple tattoos, check out these amazing designs.


1. Be Like Kylie And Travis

couple tattoos
Credit: Snapchat / kylie jenner

It’s been reported that these two got matching butterfly tattoos around the time they found out they were going to be parents.

2. Pixar’s Up

I mean, this love story is soo magical.

3. Inspired Locket And Key

There are a bunch of tattoos, you’ll see, of these lockets and keys, but this is really fun.

4. Light My Fire

Music and having a song is a good thing to incorporate into unique couple tattoos.

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