Parents Tormented 13-Year-Old Boy With False Terminal Cancer Diagnosis For Money

That poor boy

We rely on our parents so much as children. They make sure we’re getting all the things we need. Our parents feed us, provide shelter and make sure we have good medical care. These basic necessities should be a given. But, not only those physical things, but emotional needs should be looked after by our parents. To help us as children navigate the struggles and anxieties that we feel. When something big happens our parents can be there to help shoulder the stress and tell us everything is going to be OK. That, unfortunately, is not at all what happened to one 13-year-old boy who was lied to by his parents and led to believe he was going to die.The police were tipped off by a school resource officer.

According to new sources, two parents have been arrested for tormenting their 13-year-old son by leading him to believe for months that he was going to die. Can you even conceptualize that? A teenage boy was told by his parents that he was really, really sick. That he was going to die and it was not going to be pleasant.

The parents did all this so they could collect money from people who have good hearts. They set up a donation fund for people to give money to help care for their son.

And the details of it all are pretty heartbreaking. And an important lesson.

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