Cops Issue Warning About Dangerous Halloween Candy, People Laugh It Off

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It’s the eve of Halloween and while we’re trying to fight our kids into bed at a reasonable hour, they’re all hyped up on what’s to come tomorrow, they’re excited about trying out their costume, again, wondering what houses they’re going to hit up for candy tomorrow, and the trade deals they’re going to try and negotiate.

Every year there are warnings over safety in both being out on the street and when it comes to getting candy from people in the neighborhood. We all know the importance of using reflective gear so cars can see you, doing the whole “look both ways” thing and all the rest of those street rules. We’re told that it’s important to only go to houses that we know so we’re not exposing our kids to dangerous situations when it comes to what they’e eating.

And this year is no different, police have issued a warning leading up to Halloween that parents need to be on the lookout for things in their kid’s treat bags that may look like safe candy to eat, but it can land them in some serious trouble.
The only difference with this warning to other ones is people on the internet are laughing out loud at this warning saying that if the police really knew, they’d know it’s not an issue either.

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