Cookies in the Window, Make Sure They Come in the Right Package!

cassiopeI grew up with a very large chested mom. I think at one point she disclosed to me she was a size G! WHAT?!?! I had never heard of that size nor did I EVER want to be that size being the dancer I was. I saw her struggle to find bras that fit and that didn’t look ugly or cut into her shoulders. Non the less, she always wore UGLY bras that never fit or supported her properly. But they did make nice “pillows” when I was little ; )

Now, I remember, on several occasions, women telling me I should take the time to get “fit” properly, but honestly, the thought of some strange lady working around my chitty chitty bang bangs didn’t really appeal to me, so I continued to visited my local Victoria’s Secret and purchase the bra’s I THOUGHT were my size, and yes, I too am large chested. Having two kids that did breast feed, most of you can relate to the fact that your breast size can change throughout your life which doesn’t help matters.

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