Cookie Wars

There’s a cookie war out there and I am ready for battle!

Over the holidays, I spent my time searching for the ULTIMATE cookie recipe. Last year it was making home-made dog treats as gifts wrapped in beautiful jars. However, this year I wanted my home to smell like baked goods instead of raw liver. Bake what, was the question.
While flipping through channels I caught a glimpse of a blue furry friend I’ve forgotten about all these years and there he was saying, COOOKKKKIIIEEE! Yes, the Cookie Monster. Then I thought, cookie? Hey, when was the last time I made homemade cookies? It must have been over two years at least if not more. There my cookie hunt began. I went to my social media pages and put out the call in search of the Ultimate Cookie Recipe.  Recipes poured in from Denmark to Berlin, Hawaii to the Phillipines but at first glance I noticed that I’ve baked those cookies before, nothing new jumped out at me, Grandmas old fashioned Chocolate Chip cookie, Melt in your mouth Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Peanut Butter Snap Cookie, you name it. I may not have baked that exact recipe but I know I’ve baked all of the above at least one time in my life.Feeling defeated I left my cookie woes behind and headed out to my Women’s Breakfast Meeting.

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Cheryl Moana Marie

Recording Artist & Songwriter Cheryl Moana Marie has been heating up sound waves around the world with her record, "Reach Higher" that has airplay on radio stations in Albania, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia, Croatia, and Spain. She wrote, performed, produced and distributed the entire album under her Kauaiian Girl Record Label. A member of ASCAP, this sultry Hawaiian songstress has immersed herself in music since the age of five. Her journey has included being an Oakland Raiderette, On-Air Host for STARZ Movie Channel and Miss Asia USA. She’s done modeling campaigns and national commercials for some of the county’s most recognizable companies.  

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