Consumer Reports Issues New Guideline On Child Car Seats

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When I was first pregnant about eight years ago, one of the most exciting moment for my husband and I was shopping for all of our baby needs for our new little bundle of joy. We put in a lot of research into what kind of carseats we should buy and ended up buying both a convertible and conventional carseats for her even though I knew she wouldn’t be using the bigger one for a good year but I wanted to have my options open. We mostly used the convertible carseat and honestly, I couldn’t imagine it any other way. The only mistake we made is buying everything in pink and not realizing that a gender-neutral color would have been better for our second child, who happened to be a son. Ha! And now, there’s a new Consumer Report that is telling parents that convertible carseats are basically the way to go when it comes to our little ones.
Here’s a little more:
One of the main objectives in developing the new test was to better differentiate the ability of a variety of child seats to protect a child’s head. Head injuries to children in crashes are a significant concern for Consumer Reports. Other crash tests, including the government standards, do not measure what happens when a child comes into contact with another part of the vehicle. To that end, a key component of our test is the addition of a surface that simulates the interaction the child seat would have with the front seatback in an actual vehicle crash.

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