Mom Rips Into Husbands Who Expect Their Wives To Do Housework In Viral Post

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There is so much going on to make a family run and often all that stuff that makes it happen falls on the mother. If you are in a relationship you likely do have some helps so it’s not always on your shoulders. But there is still that person in charge. The one who knows what has to be done and again, that’s usually the mom. We want our husbands and partners to help out. We get frustrated when they don’t. And their excuse to our frustration always seems to be the same thing. And blogger Constance Hall points this out.

The mom of 6 posted to her Facebook page a little rant about housework and the mental load of keeping a home running. It’s all those little things you don’t really think about like in order to make dinner, which has to be done soon, the dishwasher needs to be cleared. Or that kid #2 can’t eat mushrooms and #4 currently won’t eat anything that’s the color orange right now. It’s about knowing what needs to be done, and in what order, to make the day and evening run smoothly.

Her post quickly went viral. Probably because the way she wrote it has everyone nodding their heads. She has a way with words, for sure, and she nailed it right on. Her post tackled this housework thing and partnerships, how it’s more than just dividing who does it. And it’s time for our partners to change because moms everywhere are losing their minds.

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Devan McGuinness

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