Newborns Colic May Be Caused By Relationship Problems With Your Partner

There could be an easy fix

Being a new parent is hard. Like I feel silly writing that because it’s more than just hard — it needs a whole new level of word because it’s like haaard. If you are healing from labor and childbirth, that adds another level to the stress and feeling of weight on your shoulder. But even if you became a parent without labor and birth, the transition of getting to know a newborn is really challenging. You have got to figure out what the heck they want through all their crying. And then there’s colic– a monster that isn’t nice for parents to have to deal with at all.

If you have never had to deal with colic before, consider yourself lucky. But, if you’re reading this right now chances are you are at the end of your ropes in terms of all that crying.I had to struggle through it for a few weeks only, but according to some parents and experts, the colic phase can last months. So, that’s nightly for hours and doing everything you can to make it better.

There are a lot of tricks and tips for doing what you can to help ease your child. Some experts just say that this is a phase and the baby will grow out of it. Others say that it can be a sign of stomach troubles.

And this one study says that it might all be related to how your relationship with your romantic partner is doing.

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