Coke Really Does Taste Better at McDonald’s, and Here’s Why

I don’t go to McDonald’s very often but when I do, I swear to you that it’s one of my biggest guilty pleasures in this world. I feel guilty because I know I shouldn’t be eating fast food but at the same time, forbidden food just tastes so damn great when you know you’re not supposed to have it, right? That’s exactly how I feel about Mickey D’s.

And while I don’t drink coke very often (maybe just two or three times a year), I can’t help but have one while eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger (I know it doesn’t sound exciting but it’s been a favorite staple of mine since my childhood). And I’ve noticed along with plenty of McDonald’s fans that their coke just tastes so much better than other fast-food places. And apparently, it’s down to a science. There’s a scientific reason why McDonald’s coke tastes like drops from heaven and here’s why.

Credit: Shutterstock/emka74

Can you taste the difference?

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