Women Are ‘Coffee Steaming’ Their Bits To Induce Labor And What Is Life?!


When a pregnant woman is near or past her due date, she’ll often try all sorts of things to induce labor. Many people swear by sex, while others say eating spicy food or talking a long walk can jump start contractions. There was even one woman who claimed that doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance did the trick! Well, there’s another method to start labor that’s picking up, uh, steam: Coffee Steaming. Also referred to as a “coffee potty,” a pregnant woman coffee steams her vagina by squatting over a steaming bowl of coffee grounds.


The women who have tried it claim the caffeine in the coffee stimulates uterine contractions, while the steam supposedly “loosens” the mucus plug and “everything else.”

I need a pot of coffee every morning to get myself moving, but I’ve never heard of getting labor moving this way. It sounds like a really bad idea, personally. I prefer to keep my delicate lady bits away from anything hot enough to give off steam. Does that make me a prude? So be it.

I prefer “Starbucks” to “Starbirths.” Coffee steaming to induce labor? Here are all the details:

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