Coffee flour is a thing and it’s going to caffeinate your baked goods

Photo Source: IMDB

Photo Source: IMDB

Professor Dan Perlman of Brandeis University has invented every mother’s dream!!!! The coffee flour, and it’s coming to baked goods near you very soon!

Megan Scudellari for the Boston Globe says that researchers think that coffee’s health benefits have something to do with “chlorogenic acid (CGA), an antioxidant that appears to modulate how rapidly the body breaks down glucose.”  Well, isn’t that great news!

Perlman’s newly patented process does require par-baking green coffee beans at a very lower temperature for a short period of time, which retains the CGA that’s typically lost in the regular coffee roasting process. What happens is that the light-colored beans are no good for brewing and drinking, but are are still loaded with all of the healthy antioxidants we need from coffee. Perlman decided to turn those beans into a finely milled flour that has up to four times as much CGA as regular roasted coffee beans. Wow gluten free coffee flour????


Perlman told Eater, that he’s been experimenting with baking with his new coffee flour, and that his new flour provides a pretty powerful kick: “This flour contains 2.5 percent caffeine by weight, so if you were to put 4 grams of this in a breakfast muffin, it would be the equivalent of drinking a cup of coffee.”  WOW

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