Coco Austin Accused Of Endangering Her Daughter’s Safety During A Yoga Session

She Was Called 'Irresponsible' for the Mommy & Me Workout

Coco Austin is one of my favorite celeb moms. She’s funny, she’s fashionable, and it’s pretty obvious that she genuinely loves spending time with 2-year old daughter Chanel. Her social media accounts are full of pictures of the two of them, enjoying lots of mommy and me time. They shop together, swim together, and go on plenty of trips and vacations. Coco has spoken in the past about how much she wanted a child, and her life seemed to really blossom when Chanel came along in 2015. You’d be hard-pressed to find ANY evidence that Coco is anything but a doting, loving mama. But, according to people who follow her Facebook page, she may also be putting little Chanel in danger.

During a recent snow day, Coco Austin and Chanel passed the time stuck indoors with some fun fitness activities. You can obviously tell from Coco’s physique that she puts effort into looking and feeling her best. And of course, she wants to involve her mini-me! Coco posted a few pictures and a video of her and Chanel doing yoga together, and they are beyond adorable. But, this is the internet. And we all know that nothing on the internet is safe from the judgey crowd. People left comments calling Coco irresponsible for doing yoga with Chanel.

Some commenters even went so far as to accuse Coco Austin of endangering her daughter’s safety.

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