Coco Austin Responds To Criticism That Ice-t Isn’t Close To Their Daughter

One Picture in Particular Had Fans Questioning His Involvement as a Dad

A picture captures one single moment out of a day or a week or a life. It very rarely tells the whole story, and taken out of context, it can make things seem different than they are! We’ve all dealt with something like that, especially when it comes to sharing photos on social media. You post a picture of a moment, and before you know it, people are questioning your whole life. It’s pretty annoying, especially when criticism arises from that picture that paints someone you love in a bad light. Coco Austin found herself dealing with such a situation, after fans presumed a pretty awful thing based off of one picture.

A couple of weeks ago, Coco posted a picture of herself, Chanel, and Ice on a plane. It’s such a cute picture, and honestly, it captures traveling with toddlers so perfectly! Granted, they’re traveling on a private jet, so it’s slightly different from how you and I get around. But after a long family vacation, of course you’re going to relax on the plane on the way home! And let’s be honest, toddlers are going to want to snuggle for a plane nap. But the fact that Chanel is snuggling with mom and not dad led some fans to question just how much of a hands-on father Ice really is.

Which is a pretty big leap, not to mention rude!

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