Woman Doesn’t Like That Her Stepson Still Co-Sleeps With His Mom, Calls It ‘Creepy’

Co-sleeping causing issues.

Parenting is so individual because there really is no right way to do things. There are plenty of wrong ways to do things, but in terms of how you choose to parent, what philosophy you line with, there is not really a right way. Some parents choose or have to choose bottle feeding over breastfeeding. Others opt for co-sleeping or room-sharing instead of a nursery.

Parents have different ideas on all these main part of parenting, where in the long run probably don’t hold too much weight. Well, it would depend on how strongly you believe in your parenting style. We choose what we do with our kids for a reason, right?

One thing I do hope we can all agree on though is that when it comes to these parenting choices and decisions, it’s a good idea to keep your opinion to yourself. Yes, you can share with the world why what you do works and why you think it’s a good idea.

BUT, that’s only IF or WHEN you are asked to share your opinion by a fellow parent. This should never be done with the tone that if they choose not to do co-sleeping or formula feeding, they’re wrong. That won’t go over well and it’s going to make yourself look like an a$shole.

And that seems to be the case here with a stepmother who is questioning why her stepson is still co-sleeping with his mother.

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Devan McGuinness

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