Five Ways to Valentine’s Lovin’

Five Ways to Valentine’s Lovin’

Print this out. And “accidentally” leave it around for your husband, boyfriend, whomever to “stumble” upon. Or tack it to the fridge. Tape it to the bathroom mirror. Fold it up and tuck it inside their IPhone cover. Either way, they’ll get the hint and you’ll get pampered.

5 Ways to Get Lucky on Valentine’s Day

  • Wash her hair. I don’t mean, lather, rinse, repeat. I mean really wash her hair. A scalp massage in a nice hot bubble bathtub. Red Hot Bathtime: Davines’ LOVE Shampoos and Conditioners, Lush’s aphrodisiac-infused Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
  • Appreciate her. Say it, then go a step further by slipping Foot Petals’ Rose Heart Tip Toes into her heels before you go out for the night. When she asks, tell her you know it’s hard to walk in her shoes sometimes.
  • Make a reservation. Don’t ask her where she wants to go for dinner. She figures out dinner every night at home. Make the call. And then make the call. Hurry, the time for love (and making reservations) is now. If you would prefer, use There’s even an Iphone app for that.
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