6 Strangest Cleansing Diets That People Swear Actually Work

Every summer, I always vow to lost at least 5-7 pounds before bikini season starts. By choosing an odd number, I believe that I’ll actually be losing more pounds than I need. I diet by cutting carbs, eliminating sweets, and hitting the treadmill every night after dinner. And for the most part it works until I slip and order a huge burrito from Chipotle and a peppermint chocolate gelato just to regret it all. But still, that has never stopped me from dreaming of fitting into my pre-baby shorts at the beach (hey, mama!).

But let’s be honest: there’s no “crazy magic” diet or cleanse that will get you to a healthy place. I’m always wary of any fad diet where you have to buy a certain supplement and have to invest in a pyramid type scheme.

Dieting is also a painfully slow process. You want to stay as far away from diet fads and cleanses because let’s face it, they simply don’t work the way they say they do.

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Here are the strangest cleanse ideas that people say really so work!

1. Juice Cleanse

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Because this super low-calorie, produce-based diet prohibits all the solid foods you’re used to eating, it helps you eat fewer calories without having to navigate tons of complicated rules. This creates a calorie deficit that promotes weight loss.

But could you see yourself juicing for two weeks straight? Missing breakfast or lunch (or breakfast AND lunch) gives me a huge headache by mid-afternoon. I couldn’t see myself NOT eating for two entire weeks!

2. Taco Cleanse

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Tacos are tacos. Tacos are meant as a comfort food, not diet food for crying out loud. This cleanse, based on The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life, suggests eating tacos with every meal. The book comes with a long list of taco shell and filling recipes.

While this may work for the short term, let’s face it: tacos are not a part of any diet, period.

3. Master Cleanse

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One of the original cleanses, at one point it seemed like everyone in Hollywood was doing it. But because Beyonce did it, it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily work for a busy working mother-of-two like you and me.

It consists of drinking nothing besides a mix of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. With that being said, it sounds awfully gross. The only thing I eat syrup with is waffles or pancakes, thank you very much.

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