Husband Keeps The Romance Alive By Sending Cleaning ‘Sexts’ To His Wife While She’s At Work

These are hilarious and incredibly sweet!

There are plenty of ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Making time for one another, regular date nights, communication, and honestly, just having a lot of fun with your partner! Every relationship is different, and the key is finding what works for yours. But another incredibly important part of making a relationship work is teamwork! Sharing the day-to-day responsibilities, not putting the weight of the world on the other’s shoulders. Just being an equal partner. Men AND women appreciate having someone to go halfsies with on the house/kid stuff, trust me. Reddit user Dirty ol Sob gets it, and he takes it one hilarious step further with the cleaning sexts he sends his wife.

While his wife is hard at work, DoS sends her borderline NSFW pictures of himself cleaning the house. It’s BRILLIANT. And I imagine that his wife not only appreciates his go-get-em attitude, but dies laughing at the hilarious “sexts” he sends her. I mean, what’s more of a turn-on than a clean house? That you didn’t even have to clean?? I think cleaning sexts might be the next big thing in relationships, and I am 100% on board.

There really is nothing sexier than a man with a vacuum…

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