City Posts Signs Banning Children Over the Age of 3 From Opposite-Sex Change Rooms

Oh this would make my blood boil!

Any parent who has ever taken their child to a public pool has probably brought their child in to the change room with them, regardless of their gender. After all, toddlers could care less about what they see in a change room, and no parent would want their 4 or 5-year-old being sent to a public change room by themselves.

Which is exactly why parents and the public in general were outraged when a public pool recently posted signs at their facility that stated children over the age of 3 weren’t allowed in opposite gender change rooms. Which means if you’re a mom taking your 4-year-old son to the public pool for some fun, he is supposed to go in to the men’s change room by himself.

Needless to say, the public wasn’t having it.

sign bans kids under 3 from pool change rooms
Credit: Facebook / Mohamed Salih

People were outraged!

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