This Graphic Circumcision Post Is Making People Really Angry

"I almost passed out reading that."

    When it comes to parenting, there are so many big decisions we have to make. Some have solid evidence and there’s a concrete answer to. Others we have to go without gut to determine what the best course of action is. Sometimes we default to what we know, and other times we seek the advice of other parents who have been there done that. But, when it comes to live-long decisions, something like circumcision that changes the body forever, that decision has to be made with a lot of thought. Some parents don’t need to spend time thinking about it. They know their decision, either way, the moment they find out they’re carrying a little boy. Other times, there is a lot of time discussing with a partner. Reading and researching. And relying on the advice of the trusted medical professionals in our child’s care circle.

    This issue of parenting, there is rarely a gray area when it comes to circumcision.

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    I’ve not really come across any parents who are not passionate about the choice, either way. There are people who strongly are for it, and others who are strongly against it.

    That’s why it’s one of the biggest debates among boy moms. When it’s brought up. Often it’s not because it always seems to be heated.

    But one mom was not shy about sharing her stance on male circumcision and she posted all about it on social media.

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