Putting Your Christmas Decorations Up Early Could Make You Happier, According To Experts

As if you needed another excuse

I am still having a hard time believing it’s December. Because for real, didn’t the kids just start back at school after a very long summer break? Well, where I live the weather is getting colder, the days are getting darker, and I can see the houses in the neighborhood starting to get ready and putting up their Christmas decorations.

For me, it’s still too early for that. I have some kids who have December birthdays and like to wait for any holiday celebrations until after that. That way, in my eyes, their special days aren’t going to be overshadowed. December babies have it rough. ‘

There are a lot of people who disagree on when the best time to put up your decorations is. Some want to do it the day after Halloween — other people think that’s super rude.

Won’t someone think of Thanksgiving?!

And then there are people who put up their Christmas decorations the day after or not long after Thanksgiving. That seems pretty reasonable since there’s not another holiday between. But still, people can’t agree on if that’s the best time.

While there might not be the “best time” that everyone will agree with, apparently getting them up as early as you want to is going to do you some good. Not just because you’ll get it out of the way, but you’ll be like happier for it.

Yes, science says so.

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Devan McGuinness

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