This Family’s Christmas Card Is Going Viral Because It’s Hilarious AF

Sometimes, the truth is totally relatable

Do you send out a family Christmas card or holiday card every year? I used to send them out religiously which meant getting all my kids in coordinating outfits and stressing as I hoped and prayed that they’d all smile at the same time and no one would hit the other and they’d stay still long enough to just get the damn pic!

I’m pretty sure every parent in the world can relate, but in the past few years I’ve stopped sending cards out. Life has gotten too busy to coordinate a photo shoot and with so much social media available it’s just as easy to share pictures and send holiday wishes that I don’t feel obligated to send Christmas cards anymore, (except to my grandmother!)

Still, there are moments when I see someone’s Christmas card online that is so funny or original or simply super creative that I wish I had thought of something creative like that. The most creative I’ve ever gotten with my own Christmas cards was using a picture of all four of my kids completely unprepared for the camera. It was fun and spontaneous but I’m sure only people who actually know us would appreciate it.

One woman recently gathered her family together after their Thanksgiving dinner to pose for their Christmas card that has since gone viral, mostly because so many people can relate to how funny it is!

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