Pink Explains Why She Cringed During Christina Aguilera’s Performance At The AMAs


This past weekend was one of music’s biggest nights thanks to the AMAs — the American Music Awards — which is said to be the biggest fan-voted award show — celebrates the biggest musical talents. Of course this means we get to see some of our favorite musical acts and biggest hits of the year. One of the stand out topics after it aired was Christina Aguilera Pink AMAs cringe performance scandal. It sounds weird because we should be focused on the talents that got the deserved accolades, but people love drama, and that’s was served, too.

If you’ve followed either of these singers you’ll know that they’ve had a bit of a feud for while. Apparently it’s from way back in the day when they worked on that song together “Lady Marmalade” for the Moulin Rouge feud between the two singers soundtrack. Fuse reports that it all stemmed from Christina being automatically given “the most important” part of the song, and of course that rubbed Pink the wrong way. And why wouldn’t it?

Well, Pink wasn’t going to take that sitting down and that’s apparently where this riff between the two started. It’s pretty known in the music world and pop culture that these two have clashed heads. So, when Christina Aguilera was singing at the AMAs this year, the camera, of course, focused on Pink for a brief period.

And people saw the face and now Pink is explaining what was up with the cringe.

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Devan McGuinness

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