Christie Brinkley’s Vacation Photos Are Your New Year’s Goals

Hard to believe, but today is the last day of 2015. Where did that year go? And of course with the promise of a new year comes a lot of new year’s resolutions, some that many of us will keep and some that we won’t. Personally I think if you like to make resolutions then go for it, because even if you only achieve a week of better eating and exercising, drinking more water or reading more or whatever it is that you resolved to do in 2016, at least you got to do it for a week!

Like most of us out there I want to continue to eat better and exercise more in 2016, and I just came across these pictures of Christie Brinkley on vacation in Turks and Caicos with her son Jack and daughter Alexa Ray and if these pictures aren’t enough to inspire you to hit the gym I don’t know what is!

Clearly Christie was blessed with incredible genes, but she obviously also works hard to look as amazing as she does. Here’s a shot of Christie just out on a paddle board looking like the goddess she is. Just as a reminder, Christie is SIXTY ONE YEARS OLD!

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