Christie Brinkley Begs the Media to Leave Her Daughters Alone

Christie Brinkley is a beautiful woman — after all, she is part of the first generation of real supermodels. There’s no denying that she is a classic beauty. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see her pose for Sports Illustrated — in her bathing suit, no less — at the age of 63.

And while I will give Christie all the credit in the world for showing her fans that age is nothing but a number, I was pretty surprised to see her pose with her two daughters, Alexa Ray Joel and Sailor Brinkley Cook.

I don’t know many people who would pose in a bathing suit with their mother for a major publication. We all know that opens up a box of a lot of scrutiny. Yet, Christie knows this and she and her daughters are doing it anyway. And now she’s telling the media to back off from Alexa and Sailor. That’s why we can’t help but ask….

Christie Brinkley
Credit: Shutterstock/Joe Seer

… Christie Brinkley being a hypocrite?

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