Chrissy Teigen’s Response To A Fan Who Asked Why She Has Stitches Will Make Moms Laugh So Hard

"Bless You"

    Chrissy Teigen welcomed her second child last week. Miles Theodore Stephens was born last week, ‘a few weeks early,’ and thankfully his mom is still blessing us with her trademark tweets.

    Chrissy Teigen is probably one of the most entertaining people to follow on Twitter. She loves tweeting about politics and food and especially Bravo television shows. She truly is a national treasure on Twitter. Since welcoming daughter Luna 2 years ago, she’s also been one of the funniest mummies on Twitter as well.

    Teigen is always keeping it real. Whether she’s tweeting about her stretch marks or pregnancy cravings, Chrissy tells all. She often gets a lot of heat for her tweets but that doesn’t stop her. She’s always open and honest about pregnancy and her post baby body. Remember when she said the reason celebs get to bounce back so quickly is because of ALL THE HELP they get!? That was so awesome, especially since she’s one of the first celebrities to really let us regular moms know that we should never compare ourselves to celebrities.

    Now that Chrissy has welcomed her second child she’s back at entertaining us on Twitter. When one person (who is definitely not a mother) asked a question about stitches on the social media site, Chrissy’s response was definitely spot on.

    Chrissy Teigen is never one to sugar coat anything, and she definitely was in fine form when she tweeted about her delivery with son Miles.

    “I can confirm postpartum life is 90% better when you don’t rip to your butthole. Baby boy: 1 point. Luna: 0,” the new mom of two tweeted. Mothers everywhere who have experienced any kind of tearing or cutting quickly nodded their heads in agreement.

    Teigen got pretty honest after the birth of daughter Luna and that she tore, requiring stitches. She even tweeted out a photo of the perineal irrigation bottle she bought herself as a push present.

    As someone who owned one of these bottles I can confirm that it is a definite ‘must have’ if you have stitches.

    Many people even jokingly commented that Chrissy’s comment may help prevent unwanted pregnancies in the future.

    “If more women shared these stories with youths maybe we can help prevent teen pregnancy!” one follower wrote.

    “It would prevent more adult pregnancy too! #childfree” another follower chimed in!

    Any woman who, like Chrissy, has ever experienced a tear or episiotomy during labor knows that there’s going to be stitches. Whether there’s 2 or 32, they are definitely not fun. While we assume most women know that your body can definitely tear ‘down there’ while in labor, that’s not always the case. In fact, some women are blissfully unaware that babies can rip your body in two.

    When one woman innocently asked why a woman who never had a c-section would need stitches, the model’s response was peak Chrissy. Responding with “lol bless you this is so cute,” the mom of two basically said what the rest of us who have kids were thinking. Also, how do people not know this?

    I mean, really. Who wants to tell her?

    Chrissy’s followers couldn’t help but laugh at the question, as well as Chrissy’s response.

    chrissy teigen
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    “Bless her heart!” wrote one follower.

    “What a sweet Innocent baby, I was like that once,” wrote another. Another follower couldn’t help but reply that comments like this were why sex education is so important. “And this is why we need comprehensive sex ed in schools….”

    Many others shared their own experiences with stitches proving that any birth story is a bonding experience for all moms. Fortunately we have women who are public figures like Chrissy sharing their very real birth experiences, stitches and mesh underwear and all.

    If you’re not following Chrissy on twitter, you definitely need to start.

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