Chrissy Teigen Is Proudly Embracing Her New ‘Pregnancy Thighs’

While some celebs who are currently pregnant have done nothing but complain about growing a human inside of them and how much weight they’ve gained, there’s one celeb who is absolutely embracing her changing body and loving it, and that’s Chrissy Teigen.

The model and FabLife co-host posted this picture to her instagram page last week showing off her new ‘pregnancy thighs’ and captioning the pic ‘Hello new thighs! You appeared out of nowhere but I am not mad at it!’

The picture shows Chrissy laying across 2 chairs in a bodysuit, revealing her growing bump and, apparently some new thighs!




It’s no surprise that the model is sharing her pregnancy with her fans on social media, after all that’s where she chose to announce her pregnancy and she’s always been very active on all her social networks and also very real.

Teigen, who opened up on her show FABLife about her and husband John Legend’s struggle with fertility, has been very real and open about her morning sickness, pregnancy cravings and changing body, documenting it all on instagram. I love that Teigen isn’t trying to ‘filter’ her pregnancy, but trying to give a pretty accurate snapshot of what it’s like for her.

Looks  like Chrissy is fully enjoying her every changing body, which is a good thing, because there’s a lot more changes to come! What do you think about celebs sharing their pregnancy stories through social media? Do you like to follow along or do you still find it hard to relate?


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