Chrissy Teigen’s Birth Announcement Turned Into A Twitter Feud About Pizza

Because of course it did

    Chrissy Teigen is one of our favourite Hot Moms. In addition to making ridiculously cute babies she also has the best social media presence. Her tweets seriously make us laugh every day. Nothing is off limits for Teigen which makes us love her even more. Plus I have to love someone who loves Vanderpump Rules as much as I do!

    Teigen isn’t just a model and co-host of Lip Sync Battle, but she’s also a pretty mean cook. Teigen released her first cookbook, ‘Cravings’ last year. Her second cook book will be released soon. One look at her Instagram account and you can see how much she loves to cook. She’s constantly posting pictures of her latest recipes and asking fans for bananas so she can make banana bread.

    Recently she hasn’t posted as much because she’s been a bit busy having a baby.

    But it’s clear that Chrissy loves food almost as much as her kids. This is probably why the Twitter feud that erupted shortly after Chrissy’s baby announcement on Twitter is probably making her day!

    Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter yesterday to announce that her son had finally arrived. We all agree that she seemed to have been pregnant forever, so fans werer thrilled. She has been tweeted a lot recently that she was ready to have this baby, so fans were excited. Yesterday Teigen tweeted out a sweet, “Somebody’s herrrrrrre!” message for her fans. While many chimed in with best wishes and congratulations, a twitter fued about pizza erupted in the comments! Things definitely got interesting.


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