Chris Pratt Posted A Sweet Picture Of Him With His Son, And People Have Mixed Feelings

They Called Him Out for An Earlier Post

People are still trying to get over the breakup of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Which is understandable! It felt like love died a little the day they announced the end of their marriage. So far, they’ve both stayed pretty quiet on social media, besides the usual fun little snippets here and there. But Chris opened up a bit about missing life with his son on the farm in a recent post, and it was really the sweetest thing. I can’t imagine it’s easy being away from home as much as someone with his career is, and it’s especially hard to be away from your kids.

But some people took offense to the seemingly innocent post. You see, a week earlier, Chris posted another picture. This one was a little more, um, graphic? He posted a picture of meat that had just been harvested from one of the animals he keeps on his farm. I mean, it’s farm life. I’m not sure what people expected he kept all those sheep and cows for? But commenters called him out for being a hypocrite and an “animal murderer”. All in a day on social media!

The post about missing his life was quite touching…

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