Chris Hemsworth’s Shirtless Workout Routine Is Basically an Artform

It’s a cold February day here in the Northeast, but sometimes the Internet blesses us with a heatwave to steam up our lives and give us sustenance until summer. Chris Hemsworth, best known for playing the Nordic God, Thor,  has given the Internet a taste of summer today, along with major #workoutgoals).  After I’ve finished drooling over his recent Instagram video, I might actually be inspired to change my lazy ways.

Chris Hemsworth
Credit: Instagram @chrishemsworth

It’s clear that a body like his takes hard work!

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Patia Braithwaite

Patia Braithwaite is a writer and essayist who will binge-watch almost anything if left to her own devices. When she’s not reciting dialogue from The Good Wife, she is working on a memoir about using Tinder around the world.Her print credits include: Washington Post, Vice Health,, and Ravishly. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram .

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