Chris Hemsworth Stirs Controversy With Latest Video Of His Son

But… is this dangerous, too?

Chris Hemsworth is one of our favorite Hollywood actors. I mean, there’s so much to love about the guy. He’s hot, he’s talented, he’s our on screen Thor and best of all, he’s also a dedicated husband and father to his wife and children at home. And if you ask us, that’s what makes him to most appealing.

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky love living their low-key life in Australia with their three children. Chris decided it would be best to uproot their family from Los Angeles to his native Australia so his kids can have the same childhood he enjoyed while growing up in the great outdoors Down Under. Plus, they also don’t have to worry about life with the intrusive paparazzi following each and every step they make back in L.A.

Yet, Chris recently uploaded a video of his son that has some people saying “awww” and others scratching their heads. I mean, we’re sure that Chris Hemsworth is the kind of father who knows what he’s doing and is always in control. But is there ever a time that you can be too sure? Where’s what happened.

Chris Hemsworth uploaded a video of his young 3-year-old son doing this…

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