Chris Brown Defends Himself After New Photo Surfaces Of Him Choking Woman

Do you believe him?

Chris Brown is defending his behavior again after a new photo surfaces of him allegedly choking a woman. And as you can imagine, both his fans and his critics are not happy about it.

For years, Chris Brown has been the bad boy of the entertainment industry. Ever after he reportedly abused his then girlfriend Rihanna in their car while on their way to a pre-Grammy’s party back in 2009, things haven’t been the same for him. His fans don’t trust him. The music industry doesn’t want much to do with him. And people just want to stay away from him in general. For critics, he’s trouble and unfortunately, he’s had a hard time learning how to keep his cool or his temper.

If that weren’t enough, he also had a hot and cold relationship with another ex of his,  Karrueche Tran. Things got so bad between them that she reportedly got a restraining order put against him. And now a new photo has surfaced of Chris Brown allegedly choking a woman. But the singer insists that it only looks that way. Chris claims that he’s innocent. Here’s what we know so far.

What is Chris Brown doing in this photo?

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