This Children’s Chore List Sparks Controversy With People Who Say It’s Too Much

Who knew chores could cause so much drama?!

I think all parents have this idea that they’re gong to be be really strict and have their kids doing chores daily and it’s going to be amazing and teach them everything they need to know. You’re going to have a clean house and have lots of time to relax in it. Because teaching your kids chores will be great for when they’re older. And it’s what good parents do.

Then parents have children and try to do the chores. And it’s likely for most of us, not going to work out the way we had in our head before we had kids or while our kids were younger than two years old. We have higher expectations on what they’re ale to do and how long they can keep focus. And we didn’t realize how much faster it would all go if we just did it ourselves. And that’s how chores happened in my house. Maybe some of you figured out the magical way to do it… maybe I am just too easy to give up and do it myself.

But either way, chores has always been a topic of parenting conversation. We wnt to know when kids can start, when they should start, the debate of do we pay them or not. And it looks like it can even spur some controversy.

One person put out a chores chart full of “age appropriate” chores for kids. It’s broken down into age groups. It’s very detailed and great.

But, the chore chart also lit up some controversy.

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