Childproof Your Home Before Your Baby Starts Crawling

Childproof Your Home Before Your Baby Starts Crawling

Halloween is a chock full of family fun when proper safety measures are taken. Here are a few simple tips that don’t take the treat out of the trick to having an accident-free holiday.

Practice Fire Safety

Keep a look out for costumes and accessories labeled “flame resistant.” According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), such products not only resist burning but also snuff out quickly if they get too close to a flickering jack o’ lantern. When decorating your home refrain from allowing exposed flames in paper lanterns.

Keep Your Child on His Feet

When choosing or creating a costume, make sure it’s short enough to allow your child to walk with ease. If you’ve borrowed a costume that’s too long, sew or tape a quick hem at the bottom, or hike up the costume with a secure belt. Be on shoelace alert, too, and double-tie them before going out. Remind your child to watch out for pumpkins and other decorations on neighbors’ steps and porches, since these can also pose a tripping hazard.

Make Sure He Stays Visible

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