Child Road Scam: Here’s What You Need To Do Is You See A Child In The Middle Of The Street

Police issue strong warning

Child road scam: three words that I’m sure you’ve probably never heard of before, right? Well, guess what: it’s real. It happens. And there’s a good chance that you might become a victim of it.

As a mother, I worry about the safety of my kids and of course, other children around me. It doesn’t matter if I’m shopping at Target, volunteering at my kids’ school or walking our dog in our neighborhood: I’m always on alert. I guess you can call it a motherly instinct, but if I happen to see a child hurt, upset or heaven forbid, in danger, I’ll react to it one way or another. I would feel awful if I didn’t.

Yet, police are warning of a new child road scam that can put your life in serious danger. This is a really cruel way of trying to prey on innocent people but unfortunately it’s the kind of world that we live in today. Think of it this way: if you saw a child sitting in the middle of the street late at night you would stop your car to find out what’s going on, right? I know myself that it’s something I couldn’t ignore. Yet, this scam might also put your own family at risk.

Here’s what you need to know.

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