Child Draws A Brutally Honest Photo Of His Mother And It’s Amazing

Kids not only say darnedest things, they draw it too.

Child draws a brutally honest photo of their mother and we just can’t unsee it. As a matter of fact, little kids do this all the time. They love to create their interpretations of the world by putting it down on pen and paper. No photo shopping. No alterations. No filter. All these use is one tool: honesty. My own child does this all the time.

In fact, these brutally honest photos of parents are making the Internet rounds once again. This time around we have a mom who just can’t get enough of the mommy juice, a father expels gas so much so that he needs a name change and another mother who is taking her description of “derp” to a whole new level. Seriously, this world would be awful if we didn’t have kids in it.

But not every pic is like this. Most times, the inappropriate aspect of the drawing is completely unintentional. The one thing all of the following inappropriate and overly honest kids’ drawings have in common is that they are downright hilarious. You can’t help but laugh at them, even if they seem a little too true to be this good.

Check out these brutally honest photos kids draw of their parents!

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