Child Care Employees Allegedly Abused Sleeping Toddlers, Slamming Them Down During Nap Time

How can people be so evil?

There are some people who are made to work with children. They seem to have the patience of a saint and a calming voice even when they are stressed out. These people are the ones we hope and wish to see as teachers in the school system, recreation events, and working in child care. They have that attitude that’s necessary to take the good and bad that comes with working with little humans. Because let’s be honest, kids can test your patience, get on your nerves but always deserve the benefit of the doubt. Having a calm head is very important.

There are probably far more people in the world who aren’t calm and collected enough to work with children. Sure, most of us can handle our own kids most days, but working with other people’s children, and working within the unique structure of each family is not for everyone.

Mary Poppins is probably the ideal person to work in child care, but you don’t have to be that perfect to be effective in being a positive force for kids. It would be a dream if all those people were in our schools and child care settings. But that’s not the case.

Unfortunately, there are times where we hear stories of people who work in child care settings who seem like they should be the last person responsible for the care of our kids.

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Devan McGuinness

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