Child Accidentally Gave Out Drug-Laced Gummies To Kids At School

"She started saying she couldn’t see."

There are a lot of things that could go wrong at school and when you send them, you want the best for them. This definitely isn’t an everyday thing. Most often your child goes to school and the worst thing that happens to them is a surprise math test. Especially for kids in the fifth grade, there’s not a whole lot of drama or things going on that will make the day that bad.

We do what we can to teach our children what they need to know. What to stay away from and how to keep themselves safe. It’s things like stranger danger and not to bully other kids. Preparing them for those peer pressures that are about to head their way as they get older. Like drugs and consent.

But kids in fifth grade are like what — 10 years old? So most of the time there is not a whole lot of things to worry about here.

But, one classroom didn’t really get that — they instead had quite the surprise during class. And it was all an accident. Something that was meant to be fun and no harm at all. But it went sideways quickly.

And it’s a good message and reminder to parents and schools to have this conversation with children, too.

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Devan McGuinness

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