8-Year-Old The Size Of Toddler Found Starved By Adopted Parents Who Locked Him In Bathroom

Warning: the details are heartbreaking.

There are some stories that just break your heart. How someone can be so mean to a small child. Someone who has not done any wrong to anyone. A little person who relies on you for their needs and it’s denied at every chance. It’s heartbreaking and thinking about how they are so alone and what they must have felt while in the middle of it all crushes everything. It’s hard to understand how someone can do these cruel acts to babies, toddlers, and children. And also hard to see how anyone can heal on the other side of it — but one boy has been able to break those barriers and come through one of the worst cases of child abuse that I’ve heard.

Little Cameron had a rough start from the very beginning. He was adopted when he was 2-years-old, where he was before adoption isn’t really know. But that couldn’t have been easy on its own. When he was placed into his new home with a family who was to love him, you would hope he would settle in and start to feel a sense of love and security.

But it seemed anything but that — and 7 years after he was placed with his adoptive parents, they faced criminal charges for neglect.

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Devan McGuinness

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