If You Recently Had a C-Section You Need to Start Chewing Gum ASAP!

Testing the Theory

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To test out the theory, doctors nationwide started doing a little experiment with their postpartum patients. Dr, Berghella and his team looked at 17 different studies, and asked the question: “How long did it take after C-section for a new mum to fart?”

Yup, in this case, farting is a good sign because it lets doctors know that the bowels are working properly. If it took a new mom a long time to fart after giving birth, it can alert the doctor that there may be a blockage in the gut.

Research found that new moms chewing gum farted about 23 hours after their op, compared to 29.5 hours for those left to their own devices.

Recovering from a c-section is hard work and painful so don’t make it more so by getting all clogged up when there’s an easy fix.

Moral of the story: don’t forget your gum when packing for the hospital!

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