Chelsea Houska Implies That She’s Not Enough Drama For ‘Teen Mom 2’

When you don't have drama, simply create it.

    Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska is basically living the dream right now. She married the love of her life, Cole DeBoer (who by all accounts seems awesome) and has two beautiful children with a third on the way. Life is pretty darn good, which for all intents and purposes is awesome, but doesn’t necessarily make for riveting reality television.

    In recent years, Chelsea grew from a stress-addled young girl on 16 & Pregnant into a seasoned mom and loving wife. Unfortunately, her Teen Mom 2 costars have actually upped the ante on their drama, languished by estranged family relationships, feuds, absent baby daddies, and some seriously bizarre behavior.

    Chelsea Houska was sorely missing from the Teen Mom 2 season premiere.

    Naturally the cameras go where the drama is and life’s simple, sweet moments tend to land on the cutting room floor. For this reason Chelsea has noticed her diminishing screen time.

Kelly Bryant

Kelly Bryant is a Los Angeles-based entertainment and lifestyle writer who has interviewed everyone from Ryan Gosling to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As mom of two boys she can always be found with Hot Wheels cars in her purse but never the things she actually needs.

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