Parents And Students Are Angry After A High School Allowed Anyone On The Cheerleading Team “To Be Inclusive”

The New Policy Erased Years of Hard Work and Training, Say Opponents

    We hear a lot about participation trophies these days. Giving kids recognition and awards for basically just showing up and putting in some effort. While I certainly understand the need to encourage and reward kids for trying, it starts to set a pretty concerning precedent. Yes, kids should try everything! But no, they’re not going to be good at everything. And that’s OK! It’s OK to fail at some stuff and succeed at others, that’s what growing up is all about. There are some sports and activities that require an incredible amount of skill, and very few kids are actually going to excel at them, like cheerleading.

    A high school in New Jersey has ignited a firestorm, after a cheerleading policy aimed at being more inclusive angered A LOT of parents and students.

    The policy was created after a student complained when she didn’t make her school’s elite cheer squad. So rather than explain what it takes to make that squad, and help that student improve her chances of making at the next try-out, the school got rid of the “elite” part of the elite squad altogether.

    The cheerleading policy leveled the playing field for all students, regardless of their skill level or dedication to the sport.

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