Checking out the Latest Cool Kids Gear at #ABCKids13

Checking out the Latest Cool Kids Gear at #ABCKids13

I was so excited to head to Vegas and check out the ABCKids Expo this week. It was incredible to be with great colleagues and friends like Nadia,  AndreaDesireeAudrey and  Ciaran so and many many more. Walking the trade show floor with others who know how incredible it is to get the views of some of the hottest baby and toddler products is a lot of fun!

ABCKids is the one place where you can see come creative, brillant, smart people who have a lot of ambition show up with, some incredible and some crazy stuff!  Have you thought about getting your husbands a rider for the daddy? Or a Pee Guard ( the pee guard works 🙂 ?

This was my favorite!  Seriously look how many of our facebook followers commented! Who would think of a instant baby formula machine.. or a swim device to wrap around a babies head?

baby swimmer Baby Bottle

It is really best to share the photos from Baby Cribs to Kids clothing… I think pictures speak enough!

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