Mom Tricks Her Partner into Drinking Her Breast Milk, and People Are Freaking Out

Did he finish it?

When you become a parent, there are a lot of different ways it can change your relationship. You’ve got this new life to care for, and that’s stressful, to say the least. You’re seeing each other in a new light, sometimes that can be good and other times, not so much. You’re both trying to navigate the new normal of diapers, crying, no sleep, and spontaneity of so much gone for a while.

Then you have all the changes to your body and breastfeeding and trying to keep life interesting in between the mundane tasks of taking care of a growing family. When you’re in this phase of life, it’s easy to understand why some partnerships don’t survive or thrive this phase. It’s hard.

breastmilk tea
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With that, sometimes humor is the way to go and it’s always good to have a good laugh. And that seems to be what this one mom did with her partner when she needed a good laugh.

A new mom tried to give the relationship a little spark and give herself a little laugh too. She filmed her making breakfast in bed for her partner, with a secret surprise. She posted the reaction online and it went viral pretty quickly.

Why? Well the reactions to her prank were pretty mixed.

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