Here’s Why Some Are Criticizing Chance the Rapper for His $1 Million Dollar Donation

Let’s face it: America’s public school system is in dire shape. We’ve got kids who are struggling to adapt to Common Core, overworked teachers who are underpaid and budget cuts that are threatening to derail the school system altogether. And you also have angry parents who feel overwhelmed by their children’s work load, classrooms that don’t have enough supplies for everyone and worse, kids forced to share textbooks!

That’s why Chance the Rapper is taking matters into his own hands. Frustrated with Chicago’s run-down public school system, he’s done something that many celebrities have vowed to do, and that’s donate a million dollars to help students in need.

Chance The Rapper
Credit: Instagram/@chancetherapper

But unfortunately, his critics are blasting him for the donation. Here’s why.

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