Celebrity Moms Tweet About New Bing Deals for Schools!

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Samantha Harris and Courtney Mazza  tweet about MICROSOFT LAUNCHING MODERN DAY SCHOOL SCRIP PROGRAM! And we have the SCOOP!

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BING Deals combines deals, and gives the added value of contributing to local school budgets; all while helping local merchants reach and engage their targeted audiences and build significant, lasting relationships!
Microsoft’s innovative way of growing local commerce and saving consumers money, while at the same time supporting local school fundraising  across the nation [during this critical time] is astounding!
Bing Deals brings back the essence of local commerce, fostering  relationship focused elements.
Businesses no longer have to bank on one-time surges, instead they can look forward to a constant increase in sales, supported by the Microsoft Punch-card Loyalty Program and “Accelerated Deals”, that become more valuable as more people use them.
Consumers will have a venue to buy the products and services that they are already purchasing, but at a discounted price; all the while positively impacting their local communities by securing much needed funding to local schools!


  1. Schools are signed up to the program;
  2. Merchants are sourced and signed up;
  3. Bing helps merchant plan and runs the Deal ;
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