Celebrity Mom’s Pregnancy Diet

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Celebrity mums are renowned for their unusual weight-loss secrets, as well as their not-so secret tricks. It seems as through Beyonce is no exception as she is striving in minimize weight-gain during her pregnancy. The actress and singer had her first child in January  along with husband Jay-Z, who has reportedly been sticking to a mostly vegan diet for the pregnancy. The couple have been eating strictly healthy foods in order to minimize the weight that she has gained and they have remained committed to this rule throughout the past months.

The type of meals that they have been eating include tofu and stir-fried vegetables so that they can maintain a balanced diet. So while many expectant mums tend to indulge their cravings with junk food while they relax or play Foxy Bingo, Beyonce has been much more strict with herself, while of course relaxing as well. In addition to eating well, she has also been very active during her pregnancy, which is also important for pregnant women if they want to avoid putting on excessive amounts of weight while they are pregnant.

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