Mom Makes Celebrity Parents’ Photos More Relatable And We Die Laughing

Realistic for us regular folk

Parenting is hard and whether you’re a celebrity or not, there are many struggles that are the same. We all have to deal with recovery after pregnancy and birth, we have to get to know the new baby and celebs and “regular” moms are often sharing their struggles online. But thankfully we have the gem that is Celeste Barber.

There are some stark differences in celebrity social media shares than our own so one hilarious mom took it upon herself to take their popular snaps and make them more relatable.

A hilarious mom is poking fun at celebrity parents by recreating their Instagram photos with an added dose of reality.

Celeste Barber is an Australian actor, writer and comedian, who has two sons under the age of 6 and two teenage stepdaughters. As such, she knows a thing or two about parenting exhaustion … and how to find humor in it.

Celeste Barber reenacts celebrity Instagram pics, magazine photos and product ads to highlight how far they fall from her reality as a mom and “normal” person.

And they are drop dead hilarious — take a look


“When your kid vomits all over the bathroom floor and you’re waiting for your #hothusband to deal with it.”

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